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We think The Getty Museum did a nice job matching our INGRESS’R®

Innovations • 1/21/19

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Wikk® designed and patented the INGRESS’R® many years ago and INGRESS’Rs have been installed in thousands of buildings across North America. Even today, it remains the most commonly specified activation device on the market. The INGRESS’R® has been a standard in the ADA community for decades and exceeds California Building Code 11B404.3. The Getty Museum in Los Angeles had Wikk® design and build white INGRESS’Rs for their property because it was important to them to have an effective and attractive accessibility solution for their patrons.

The INGRESS’R® was developed because of a desire to serve more people in different ways. It is a prime example of recognizing a need for accessibility, exceeding code requirements, and listening to your customer. The public’s expectations for accessibility now far outstrip the reality of what is delivered to them. This is the accessibility gap.

Wikk’s mission is to close that accessibility gap with intelligent solutions and tools that enhance the overall experience for all people no matter their challenge.

Stay tuned and see what other solutions we have in the product development pipeline that will have a lasting impact on people and continue to exceed our customers’ increasing expectations.

Let us show you simply. accessible.

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