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Wikk & Social Responsibility

Wikk’s social responsibility program supports a range of activities that demonstrate how incorporating community stakeholders into our work network not only supports our corporate goals but also helps nonprofit organizations promote social change in a positive and sustainable way.

Our Partners

Pantheon Industries

The mission of Pantheon Industries is to provide a full spectrum of opportunities for individuals with disabilities.  Pantheon believes that all individuals, regardless of ability level, have the right to participate in meaningful employment.  Wikk staff and customers benefit from Wikk’s working relationship with Pantheon Industries.  Workers at Pantheon assemble a variety of parts bags for Wikk products, saving time and money and providing good work for people with disabilities.

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Wisconsin Academy for Graduate Service Dogs (WAGS)

The mission for WAGS is to promote functional independence and quality of life for individuals with disabilities, primarily mobility impairments, through partnerships with skilled service dogs.  The dogs at WAGS benefit from Wikk’s working relationship by receiving ADA compliant door activation devices used in conjunction with their training regime to help fulfill this mission.




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