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Innovations • 11/1/21

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Despite global supply chain issues, Wikk continues to exceed your need for speed.
Prompt drawings & quotes
Waiting for drawings and quotes is unacceptable in today’s business climate. Our state of the art engineering software and pricing selector allows us to meet your drawing and pricing needs in 48 hours or less.
Industry leading custom fabrication
Business days from acknowledgement of purchase order:
STOCK 2 days or less
CUSTOM 20 days
CUSTOM “EXPEDITE” 10 days with expedite fee
*** If we don’t ship the product within the promised window of time, you won’t be charged the expedite fee. We cannot assume liability for unexpected delays caused by the shipping carrier.

Wikk has made significant investments in raw materials to ensure we continue to exceed your need for speed.

Let us show you simply. accessible.

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