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About Wikk Industries

Our History and Mission

Wikk Industries was founded in 1980 to design and produce a balanced door product line. The company later developed a line of automatic door activation devices, now commonly called switches. When the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) passed in 1991, Wikk already had a presence in the market with its comprehensive selection of switches, mounts and accessories. Wikk introduced the INGRESS’R® in 2004 and it quickly became the industry standard for quality, design and accessibility.

Today, Wikk is working to develop new solutions to accessibility challenges. We recognize that there is an “accessibility gap” where the public’s accessibility needs far outstrip the reality of what is delivered to them.

Wikk’s mission is to close the accessibility gap with intelligent solutions that enhance the overall experience for people, no matter their challenge.

Our People and Culture

The employees at Wikk are proud to be a part of improving accessibility for others. They strive to positively impact the end user by providing excellent customer service, attractive and effective product design and quality manufacturing. Our factory in Greendale, Wisconsin is located near many of our vendors, resulting in shorter lead times to get our products out the door and on their way to their final destination. We often hear from our customers that they trust Wikk, value our commitment and depend on us to deliver quality and reliability.

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"Wikk INGRESS'R has proven to be reliable and an exceptional value. Combine that with the fantastic ongoing support we receive from Wikk."

- Ron Couch, Central Indiana Hardware
"With over 35 years in the industry, Wikk Industries is dedicated to being a leader in accessibility and providing exceptional customer service."

- Alan Pfund, Special Projects Group
"We specify the Wikk INGRESS'R for a variety of building types and opening applications. Our customers appreciate its quality, functionality and ease of use."

- Todd Farrell, Trillium Architectural Products
"The Wikk INGRESS'R is simple, innovative and versatile enough to be used in a huge variety of applications."

- Todd Farrell, Trillium Architectural Products
"The team at Wikk is a pleasure to work with. Whether we need information on pricing, availability or custom applications, they always come through for us."

- Todd Farrell, Trillium Architectural Products
"We appreciate Wikk's high-quality product and outstanding service. We're proud to be a Canadian partner."

- Todd Farrell, Trillium Architectural Products

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