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“The Truth Behind Wikk’s Lead Times…”

Innovations • 7/17/19

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We are in the middle of the busiest part of the construction season and we recognize our
products are often an afterthought when finalizing a project – an afterthought that can
delay an on-time opening. As a result, we want to set the record straight on our lead-times:

Stock Bollards – 2 business days
Custom Bollards – 20 business days

Stock INGRESS’Rs – 2 business days
Custom INGRESS’Rs – 20 business days

Stock Switches – 2 business days
Custom Switches – 20 business days

We offer expedite services on any product that we manufacture, just give us a call and we
will work to meet or exceed your project needs.

Also, check-out our new HDPE switches, narrow INGRESS’Rs, and an ever increasing custom
bollard offering on

Let us show you simply. accessible.

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