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Bollard SQ2

Part # B-6SQ-RT-DB-SM-SG


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  • 6" (152 mm) Square x 42" (1067 mm) Tall
  • Dark Bronze Anodized (710)
  • Single Gang prep located at 36" (914 mm) AFF
  • Removable black flat Marine Board (RF Transparent) Cap
  • Concealed mounting base

Overall Height

  • Can be customized to be shorter or taller than standard height.

Architectural Materials & Finishes

Square (BPS) Aluminum Tubes:
  • Wall Thickness and Corner Radius for Aluminum:
    Extruded; nominal .135" [3.43 mm] wall thickness, 4" and 6" Square: 1/32" corner radius
Square (BPS) Stainless Steel Tubes:
  • Satin Stainless Steel US32D (630) or Mirror Stainless Steel US32 (629) finishes
  • Wall Thickness and Corner Radius for Square Stainless Steel:
    Welded type 304; nominal 1/8" [3.175 mm] wall thickness
    4" and 6" Square: 15/64" corner radius
  • 316 alloy available as special order
  • Brass Clad Aluminum (Square only):
    Nominal 18/19 gauge sheet metal over standard Aluminum extrusion, 9/64 corner radius
  • Satin Brass US4 (606 uncoated) or Mirror Brass US3 (605 uncoated) finishes
    Protective coating by others.


  • INGRESS'R®, standard and narrow style switches, card readers, intercoms, KNOX-boxes, fire pull stations and more.
  • Square (BPS), Rectangular (BPRT) and Triangle (BPTR) Bollards: Switches and devices are mounted directly to post.
***At the time of quoting/ordering bollards we require the make, model, as well as mounting templates of all the devices to assure accurate preps.***

Production will not start until the device information is provided.
All information will be kept confidential.

Cap style & finish

  • Flat top (RT): Standard black Marine Board removable top (allows RF transmission)
  • Flat top (RT): Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Brass removable top
  • Angled top (AT): Welded Stainless Steel or Mill Aluminum for powder coating (PC) finishes

Additional Options

  • Special sizes available per request - See the Wikk® Bollard Checklists.
    Sizes are subject to change without notice.
    Example: 3"x3", 7"x7", 9"x9", 6"x9", 6"x12" and Triangle Bollards available in Stainless Steel and Aluminum
  • Powder coated (PC) finish available
  • Exposed Base Plate - different sizes available in round (RB), square (SB) and concealed sleeve (CS) with base plate for in-ground mounting with additional anchoring, 7" bolts and anchors
  • Access Panel (AP) - Removable access panel on the back of bollard or the insert area with security screws.
  • Hood - Added over devices to help to protect from environmental conditions.
  • Reveal (R) - Decorative indention into the metal.

Mounting Installation

  • SM = Surface mount: standard posts are 42" [1067 mm] high, single gang prep @ 36"CL/AFF [914 mm]; includes aluminum anchoring base, anchors and instructions.
  • IG = In-ground: standard posts are 54" [1372 mm] high, single gang prep @ 36"CL/AFF [914 mm] including 12" [305 mm] recess and instructions.

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