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Innovations • 1/27/20

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2020 is a very special year for Wikk Industries. This year we celebrate 40 years since our company was founded.

Despite four decades of global change our focus is the same, to work tirelessly to develop new solutions to accessibility challenges. We recognize that there is an “accessibility gap” where the public’s accessibility needs far outstrip the reality of what is available to them.

Our mission is to close the accessibility gap with intelligent solutions that enhance the overall experience for people, no matter their challenge.

This mission will serve as our compass for the next 40 years. Although we don’t know what the future holds, one thing is certain… the need to make the world more accessible will stand the test of time.

We at Wikk want to thank our loyal customers, suppliers, and countless advocates. These relationships have helped Wikk make a difference for countless people for four decades.

Let us show you simply. accessible.

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